WADI is in Iraq!

Western Asian Development Institute (WADI) is a youth-run initiative to create youth opportunities in the region through a simplified, convenient and user-friendly platform. This will help young generation from around the world to change stereotypes created by media about misunderstood countries, to give world young generation a chance to taste every-day life in this part of the world, to have exceptional volunteering experiences and to be inspired by the culture, art and history of host countries. We have started our way from Iran but we just leveled up and crossed one more milestone! We are now in Iraq.

We are supposed to promote the beauty of under-rated countries over the world, in spite of the false image spread by media and politics. We provide experiences to learn about cultural heritages and traditions of communities in an authentic way! But we know a lot of things are neglected while presenting this part of the world, its heritage, nature, and cultural enchantments remaining a mystery for many people. We stand on the leading-edge for finding and selecting experiences throughout these countries, not only in the most developed regions but also by encouraging the growth of smaller ones and their facilities. This way, we make a priority of keeping an eye on sustainable lifestyles, restlessly using modern technology and intelligent tools to promote the best experiences in Islamic countries.

We believe that by providing youth with authentic and local experiences they can both share real people’s lives and traditions, and in the same time, have a positive impact on nature and society during their experience.

This is a youth-run initiative powered by Western Asian Development Institute branch in Iraq to provide international youth programs in Iraq. We are a non-profit, non-governmental and independent startup. WADI is a window over Iraq, far from the images and preconceptions that exist. Here, we are telling the true stories of our countries.

To lead to a deeper level of innovation and creativity, the ability to localize to other countries, and the ability to be adaptable through access to top-level talent pools and rapid decision –making, we have made our startup as diverse as possible. We are from different cultures and ethnicities here!  We are youth activists without borders! We are not defined by race, religion or culture, but by equality of opportunity and a fair go.

Ali Abbas Mousa
Ali Kareem Kaka
Ashna Mohammed
Hussein Zainy
Safwan Wali
Sarah Ahmed